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El Bicho VII #113DEW551

El Bicho VII

19.95  / 25.74 $ 
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The Miguel Campello's guys new album, the third one in "El Bicho"'s musical carrier, two years after their last album "El Bicho II".
This album bring closer flamenco to rock "cai-levantino".
El Bicho VII is a tribute to this magical number and to the musicians of the group.

On this album, these guiys continue to move Deep Purple or Led Zeppelin to the flamenco size and always in a particular way. The first single "Los Rokipandis" talk about some friends who usually stay together doing nothing.

The number VII is a tribute to the seven musicians, even if lately there is a number eight, Mario, keyboard.
Fifteen songs and one contribution of "Bebe" for "Ropa Tenda".
The DVD contains three video creations, the making-of and three lives in France and Spain.


  1. De vivir
  2. De respirar
  3. De esconderse
  4. Los rokipankis
  5. De imaginar
  6. De tu mirar
  7. De resaca
  8. Condena
  9. Caminito
  10. Todas las noches
  11. De la misma manera
  12. De perder
  13. De la ciuda
  14. Cara dura
  15. Ropa tenda (con Bebe)