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Rock gitano - Pata Negra

Rock Gitano is a magnificent flamenco-rock fusion piece of work. It's quality is seen through Raimundo's mastery of the guitar and Rafael's blends of tarantos with rock and roll in his voice. The band brings together rock, 'Levante', tanguillos, 'Badajoz', all types of buleras, tangos, blues and even a cover of Allman Brothers Band's 'Jessica'.

Price: 13.10     ( 16.90 $ )
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Desde mi azotea - Navajita Plate

Part of the success and wide recognition of Navajita Plate is owed to the fact that this record hs managed to sell over 300.000 copies, a positive signal of the capabilities of new generations of flamenco. Once again under Sergio Castillo production work, but this times accompanied bye their own live band, Navajita Plate went to the studio decided to overcome barriers and frontiers in a worthy...

Price: 12.05     ( 15.54 $ )
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Undebel - Diego El Cigala

Dieguito "El Cigala" [his nickname literally translates for "Dublin Bay prawn"] debut album is Undebel, for which he had all-star line-up of guests including David Amaya, Tomatito, Juan Jos Suarez 'Paquete', Ramn Jimnez y Manuel Parrila (guitar), Chaboli, Piraa, Negri y Bandolero, on the percussion.

Price: 11.00     ( 14.19 $ )
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Rumba Argelina - Radio Tarifa

Rumba Argelina succeeds in representing 'its place at the meeting point between Iberia and Africa [...], maintaining the miraculous balance of a tight rope walker, tilting first one way and then another, without ever falling back into either country.", as reflected in tu blurb.Radio Tarifa are thoroughly 'contemporary', but in this case the word doesn't signify turntables, expensive remixes and...

Price: 13.65     ( 17.61 $ )
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El aire de lo puro - Diego Amador

Diego Amador from Sevilla is the future of flamenco. An exceptional musician who plays almost everything in this record and gives meaning to what is know as the New Flamenco with his intensity, honesty and class.A cocktail with a marked flamenco character, and the participation of great Latin jazzmen such as Jerry Gonzlez and Jorge Pardo alongside Dieguito El Cigala, a cantaor who is currently...

Price: 17.30     ( 22.32 $ )
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Alma - Jose El Frances

New Flamenco is set to visit new boundaries with this album from Jos el Francs, 'Alma '. The song 'Ya no quiero tu querer', one of the best new flamenco songs af all time, shows that 'commercial' and 'quality' can live together in a lively and positive environment. The album includes both the radio edit version and a remix.  Jos el Francs has had to wait until his third album to achieve...

Price: 19.95     ( 25.74 $ )
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Arcngel was awarded the 'Giraldillo' at the XII Flamenco Biennial, in Seville, something that strengthened him among the privileged of this Andalucian genre. 'Dame Limones', a single from his first record, was aired in radio stations all across the country for several months. This album has Tangos, alegra, rumbas, fandango, seguiriya, bulera and cante de trilla. Quality, quantity and a genious...

Price: 16.75     ( 21.61 $ )
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Negri y Paquete - La Barbera del Sur

4 years had passed since their last studio album Arte Pop. La Barbera del Sur releases now 'Negri y Paquete', the two artistic names of this Spanish new flamenco duet. For this album, La Barbera had the support of well known flamenco musicians like Carles Benavent, Jorge Pardo, Pedro Barcel, and Nacho Ma, from pop band Presuntos Implicados. The duet formed by Enrique Heredia 'Negri' y Juan...

Price: 14.70     ( 18.96 $ )
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Isla menor - Raimundo Amador

Raimundo boasts himself that on this Cd, he combines 'more rock & more flamenco than ever'. The 10 songs are all produced by Fernando Illn, but amoung them are songs written by Pulgar, Kiko Veneno, Santiado Ausern and Los Delincuentes, among others.'Isla Menor', whose title is a tribute to Raimundo's house in Sevilla, includes important contributions from: Antonio Carmona, who sings a...

Price: 18.90     ( 24.38 $ )
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New York Flamenco Reunion - Marc Miralta

Like it happens so often, catalan drummer Marc Miralta discovered that he was a flamenco aficionado while living outside of Spain. he gathered his favourite musicians from both sides of the Atlantic and projected  this recording which is another proof of flamenco's influence in contemporary jazz.

Price: 17.30     ( 22.32 $ )
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