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Mujeres - Estrella Morente

Estrella Morente sings and gives homage to 13 women of the twentieth century.'Mujeres',  the third disc of her career, arrives after five years of silence.Flamenco 'has a better taste when it is done within the family, because we do not feel as good as when we are at home'. That is why Estrella counts again in this new disc 'Mujeres' on her father, Enrique Morente, as a guide.Estrella goes...

Price: 15.50 €    ( 20.00 $ )
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Spain again - Tomatito y Michael Camilo

Spain Again is the meeting of two good friends who decided to play together to see until where they are able to go and see how much they can discover about themselves. The new album includes original compositions, a tribute to Piazzolla, jazz standards and a collaboration with the famous singer and composer Juan Luis Guerra.When tremendous talents like Michel Camilo and Tomatito meet each other...

Price: 17.95 €    ( 23.16 $ )
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Pitingo con Habichuelas

Pitingo con habichuelas is the first disc of Pitingo, sponsored by legends of flamenco with the collaboration of: the Habichuela's family (Pepe et Juan Habichuela, Juan Carmona and Antonio Carmona), Javier Barón and Carmen Linares. A flamenco disc that combines the most orthodox singing with stylish insolences that can not leave anyone indifferent (mixing flamenco and blues), but always with this...

Price: 14.95 €    ( 19.29 $ )
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Mundo Amador - Raimundo Amador

 Raimundo Amador is one of the artists who has worked together with all kinds of artists, both at a national and international level. As a guitarist, he has tackled several genres and although his roots lie in flamenco, his love for blues has always been especially important. This record is a compilation of some of the great songs that he has recorded with flamenco artists like Tomatito,...

Price: 16.75 €    ( 21.61 $ )
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Diego Amador Piano Jondo

There is a new generation of flamenco musicians capable of resolving gracefully the dilemma between tradition and innovation. Diego Amador (Seville,1973) is probably the most brilliant of all of them, a totally self-taught pianist who is bewitching with his inventions.

Price: 17.30 €    ( 22.32 $ )
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María - Niña Pastori

'María', Niña Pastori's real name, is the fourth album of her career. Niña Pastori knows well how to flirt, adding great passion and charimsa to every one of her words. When se was a kid, Niña Pastori fascinated the great Camarón de la Isla with her art. The audience fell for her afterwards with the song 'Tú me camelas', full of popular rhythms that created a delicious melting pot between...

Price: 22.55 €    ( 29.09 $ )
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ElBicho II

ElBicho comes back with a new album, with 11new titles.  El bicho: Miguel Campello (voice), Victor Iniesta (guitar), Carlos Tato, Toni Mangas (batery), David Amores (percussion), Juan Carlos Aracil (flute) y Pepe Andreu (trompet).

Price: 19.85 €    ( 25.61 $ )
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Puertas abiertas: El Lebrijano & Faiçal

''Puertas abiertas'' is the new record by Juan Peña El Lebrijano. On this occasion, he once again gets close to Andalusí and Arabic music after having previously recorded these genres in records like ''Encuentros''.

Price: 17.75 €    ( 22.90 $ )
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Son de la frontera

The music of Morón de la Frontera (Seville) as it was defined by the great Diego del Gastor, miraculously incorporates traditions coming from four continents. Son de la frontera has developed the legacy of the guitarist and master. They dis not need to move far from their village to become perfectly cosmopolitan.

Price: 18.35 €    ( 23.67 $ )
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Uniendo puertos - Clara Montes

From the dream of a journey in the oldest sea, this record, Uniendo Puertos (Linking Ports), is born. It is a work that meanders from Portuguese fado to Italian music, passing through the Andalusian rumba to Arabic sounds, providing all of its songs with a Mediterranean flavour. With the Portuguese and flamenco guitar, Arabic percussion and the cajon (Peruvian box-drum), the Egyptian udu and the...

Price: 12.55 €    ( 16.19 $ )
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