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Matilde Coral's sevillanas step by step - Dvd #538SG527

Matilde Coral's sevillanas step by step - Dvd

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Matilde Coral's sevillanas step by step - Dvd


Matilde Coral, one of the leading figures in flamenco dancing, directs this simple and practical method for learning to dance sevillanas, which is suitable for students of any level.
This course has a play time of approximately one hour in which the steps of sevillanas are explained in great detail but in plain, simple language, so it's very useful for those who have no previous experience with this dance, as well as those who wish to improve their command.
It includes an introduction with images of Seville, music of sevillanas, and titles, followed by Matilde Coral's presentation.
The course uses the same teaching methods as at Matilde Coral's dance school, with added technical touches to make the images and explanations as attractive as possible. All the teachers who take part in the video are Spanish dance teachers.
Rhythm, the ideal arm and leg movements, and everything you need to achieve the best flamenco style when dancing sevillanas. It includes an demonstration in one of the most emblematic settings in Seville.
There's also a colorful dance show combined with images of various Seville sights showing traditional costumes.
It lasts for a total of 60 minutes. Original language: Spanish

This DVD is available in PAL system.  
Video PAL system for Europeam countries.