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 You are in ::  Flamenco music ::  Home ::    ::  La reina del embrujo gitano - Carmen Amaya - Cd + Dvd - Pal

La reina del embrujo gitano - Carmen Amaya - Cd + Dvd - Pal #113AD341

La reina del embrujo gitano - Carmen Amaya - Cd + Dvd - Pal

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:: Carmen Amaya  More songs of this artist
The most temperamental, tragic and passionate figure in flamenco dancing was also capable of expressing the captivating emotion of the gypsy race as a cantaora (flamenco singer).
An essential pack with spectacular images and hard to find footage of the biggest legend of flamenco dance. Including images from most of her filmography: Short films from the 40's and also scenes from the movies 'Maria de la O' y 'La hija de Juan Simn'. It is a multi-system DVD that is suitable for use in any country. It is PAL and NTSC compatible. It also includes the book El mar me ense a bailar , which is 74 pages long (Spanish with translations into English and French), with her biography and a large number of illustrations, for which Jordi Pujol and Carlos Garca de Olalla Maristany are responsible.
The book contains 72 pages of texts, translated in english and french, and photographs of all the life of the artist.
  1. Mara de la O
  2. Fandangos
  3. Mi mare la tana
  4. Vete con los tuyos
  5. Fandangos
  6. Adelfa
  7. San Miguel de los Reyes
  8. Canasteros de Triana
  9. Corazn de acero
  10. Fiesta Jerezana
  11. Tondero
  12. A los pies del Gran Poder
  13. Jaleo por Buleras
  14. Tu mal no tiene remedio
  1. Rumba flamenca
  2. Romera
  3. Fandangos de Huelva
  4. La caa
  5. Fandango de albaicn
  6. Ritmo amaya
  7. Siguiriya gitana
  8. Tiento canastero
  9. Rondea
  10. Alegrias
  11. Soleares
  12. Cuando pa Chile me voy
  13. Garrotn
  14. Jaleo canastero
  15. Colombiana Flamenca