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Isla menor #112UN325
Isla menor
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:: Raimundo Amador  Ms ttulos de este artista :: Rosendo  Ms ttulos de este artista :: Antonio Carmona  Ms ttulos de este artista :: El Guadiana  Ms ttulos de este artista :: Horacio Icasto  Ms ttulos de este artista :: Fernando Illn  Ms ttulos de este artista :: Israel Surez 'Piraa'  Ms ttulos de este artista ::  Tino Di Geraldo  Ms ttulos de este artista
  Disco 1
  1. Fmala
  2. Voy por pilas (Con Rosendo)
  3. Frito
  4. Marina (Con Antonio Carmona)
  5. Isla Menor
   6. Jefe Navarro
   7. Bulera para Manuel
  8. Lady piano
   9. Malaje
Raimundo boasts himself that on this Cd, he combines 'more rock & more flamenco than ever'. The 10 songs are all produced by Fernando Illn, but amoung them are songs written by Pulgar, Kiko Veneno, Santiado Ausern and Los Delincuentes, among others.
'Isla Menor', whose title is a tribute to Raimundo's house in Sevilla, includes important contributions from: Antonio Carmona, who sings a wonderfull seafring love story title 'Marina? with Raimundo; Rosendo puts the force of his guitar and his voice into the song 'no me gusta el futbol', a song that shows the greatest influence of rock on the style of Raimundo Amador; Kiko Veneno also collaborates en a new version of his mythical song 'Los Managers'.
Also included is 'Fumala', the single released from this album. This single is described as smokey and romantic where a Raimundo Combines Flamenco with rythm & blues.