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 You are in ::  Flamenco music ::  Didactic Material ::  Flamenco Step by...  ::  Flamenco Step by Step. Guajira (08) - Dvd.

Flamenco Step by Step. Guajira (08) - Dvd. #4880008D

Flamenco Step by Step. Guajira (08) - Dvd.

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Poal Productions
:: Adrián Galia   More songs of this artist
In this volume, which deals with Guajira, he examines the meter, guitar playing, singing and dancing in this flamenco form. It also includes exercises, and a performance by Adrián Galia and his team.
In 1997, the versatile Adrián Galia (a dancer, bailaor and choreographer) produced an ambitious audio-visual encyclopaedia of flamenco dancing. It is made up of 21 volumes, each of which is dedicated to a flamenco form.
Adrián Galia convinced of everybody could dance flamenco, intends to teach flamenco dancing with an accesible didactic method exploring in all the different technics and movements.
Compatible with all countries (NTSC and PAL).Guarantedd.