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 You are in ::  Flamenco music ::  New releases ::    ::  Picasso en mis ojos - Diego 'El Cigala'

Picasso en mis ojos - Diego 'El Cigala' #511BMG549

Picasso en mis ojos - Diego 'El Cigala'

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''Picasso en mis ojos'' is an authentic gem. It is the fifth solo album by Diego El Cigala, a purebreed cantaor (flamenco singer) who is acclaimed for his gypsy voice. It is dedicated to Picasso (Mlaga, 1881-Mougins 1973), the great genius of contemporary painting and the creator of Cubism.
The fact is that Diego El Cigala is featured with accompaniment by the guitars of Paco de Luca, Tomatito, Raimundo Amador, Josemi Carmona, Diego Morao, Manuel Parrilla and Paquete. Jerry Gonzlez plays his trumpet and other artists like Ramn El Portugus, Yumitus, Porrina, Juaares and El Piraa also contribute their own brush-strokes.
In the lyrics, current poets and some who were contemporaries of Picasso have also made a contribution: Rafael Alberti, Javier Ruibal, Javier Krahe, Carlos Chaouen and Juan Antonio Salazar.
The flamenco and Picassian spirits merge in all the songs in the record, starting from "Chanelando", tangos with guitar playing by Diego el Morao and Manuel Parrilla. Pacos guitar and the voice of El Cigala are the absolute protagonists of "Por los ros" (buleras); the famous poem "La Paloma" by R. Alberti is turned into music, thanks to Josemi Carmona.
The record also contains the sole ("Acuarela", with lyrics by Chaouen), alegras and mirabrs ("Malagueo", with lyrics by Javier Rubial), the Latin rumba with Raimundo Amadors guitar playing ("Apenao") and tangos ("Guernika").


  1. Chanelando (tangos)
  2. Por los ros (buleras)
  3. Malagueo (alegras y mirabrs)
  4.Luna de plata (bulera)
  5. La paloma (fandango)
  6.Guernika (tangos)
  7.Amparo (buleras)
  8. Apenao (rumba latina)
  9. Romance/Acuarela (sole)