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Nikelao - Pedro Sierra #527CM534

Nikelao - Pedro Sierra

16.95 €  / 21.87 $ 
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The second record by Pedro Sierra, in which he shows his mastery of both the solo guitar and the guitar accompaniment of singing and dancing. He is also the record's composer, producer and arranger. In the record, the bailaor (flamenco dancer) Israel Galván has also taken part. Moreover, technical advances have allowed him to eliminate and replace the guitar accompaniment on old songs by Antonio Mairena, Pepe Marchena, Juanito Valderrama and Enrique Morente.
  Disc 1
  1. Nikelao - Bulería
  2. Los Caudales - Soleá
  3. Damasco - Tangos
  4. Cadencioso - Farruca
  5. Tarsis - Bulería
  6. Corral del carbón - Granaína
  7. Río de esperanza - Rumba
  Puerta de Oriente (acompañando al Cante)
  8. Quebranto (con Antonio Mairena)
  9. El Llanto (con Pepe Marchena)
  10. Viejo Cante minero (con Juan Valderrama)
  11. En mi vida (con Enrique Morente)
  Nostalgia de futuro (acompañando al Baile)
  12. Duquelas del tiempo - Seguiriya
  (Con Israel Galván 'Premio Nacional de Danza 2005'