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Yahar #112UN14


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:: Carmona   More songs of this artist
At the young age of 25, Jos ngel Carmona has had a long musical career. At 17 he formed a flamenco group whith which he recorded his first album and performed all over Andaluca.
His shot at the big time came on October 2002 when he participated in the 'cazatalentos' talent contest from the Canal Fiesta Radio for young promising artists. He was unanimously chosen the winner by the judge panel and was awarded a recording contract and his first solo-opportunity.
Carmona combines along with his youth and flamenco voice his gift of pure and authentic rhythm.
This album includes two performances of the international hits 'Te quiero a ti' and 'Yahar' and a version of 'Carmen', the beautiful song which was given by the inspiration of the beloved Manuel Snchez Pernia.
  Disco 1
  1. Tran, tran
  2. Te quiero a ti
  3. Separarme de ti
  4. No me arrepiento
  5. Luz de mis tormentos
  6. Yahar
  7. Carmen
   8. Pasin de luna
  9. Ya no the tengo
  10. Se llama Mara
  11. La piriaca