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Campo del Príncipe #112UN187

Campo del Príncipe

13.10 €  / 16.90 $ 
Disponibility:  3 days
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:: Juan Habichuela   More songs of this artist :: Miguel Poveda   More songs of this artist :: Estrella Morente  More songs of this artist :: Rancapino   More songs of this artist :: Juan valderrama   More songs of this artist :: Enrique Morente Cotelo  More songs of this artist :: Alonso Núñez   More songs of this artist :: La Barbería del Sur   More songs of this artist :: Carles Benavent   More songs of this artist
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Campo del Príncipe is Juan Habichuela's sophomore effort. In it, this patriarch of the toque, pays tribute to his maestro Juan Ovejilla and to Sabicas with two instrumental pieces. It is an atractive and compelling recording by one of the giants of the toque. In addition, he accompanies three generations of cantaores: the old hand Juan Valderrama, Enrique y Estrella Morente, Rancapino and his 13 year-old son Alonso, Miguel Poveda and La Barbería del Sur. Artists who represent all different Flamenco tendencies today inextricably wrap around Juan's toque.
This guitarrist chose an unmatchable cast of cantaores from all generations to accompany him in this recording. Two duos left mark: Rancapino and his son Alonso Nuñes, and Enrique Morente and his daughter Estrella. Rancapino participated in Juan's previous recordings and brings back his quejío for Malagueñas. His provides his fresh and promising voice for tangos. Estrella's sweet cante is reflected in a Vidalita, a beautiful and moving song. Enrique and the Habicuelas have had great collaborations in Flamenco ans is seen yet again through Juan's playing along with the innovative touch Enrique gives with his cante along with a distinctive air from José María Cortina's keyboards.
Youth and old-age are fused in the tangos Miguel Poveda sings along with Repompa's melodies. His songs Juan and Antonio Carmona and his nephew José Miguel los ketama, also contribute to this effort along with one of the better known Flamenco pop bands La Barbería del Sur by turning Juan into a reencarnation of a Huelva fandango. Juan Habicuela and Juan Valderrama's collaboration in this effort is of special importance. To top the recording off, some bulerías with some jerezian touches by Juañares and Chelo Pantoja where the patriarch's grandchildren take charge of the cajón.
Trully, this is an extraordinary piece of work where a fresh purity and the best of today's flamenco may be discerned. No other than Juan Habichuela could have produced this piece work, for his singular guitar knowledge fuses past, present and future.
  Disco 1
  1. A Juan Ovejilla
  2. La golondrina
  3. San Nicolás - Con Alonso Núñez
  4. A mi Africa - Carles Benavent
  5. A mi Lucia Fernanda - Con la Barbería del Sur
  6. El fruto - Con Juan Valderrama
  7. Valparaiso - Miguel Poveda
  8. Se lo llevó Dios - Rancapino
  9. Negro como el terciopelo - Enrique Morente
  10. Nuevas generaciones