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Cafe Madrid

A selection from a extensive walk through the very best Flamenco personalities. This includes:  La nina de la Puebla  with their song 'Dice que no'; Porrina de Badajoz with 'Extremena' & 'Un Aguila Imperial'; 'Esta es mi vida' from El Turronero; 'Soleares Populares' from Paco de Lucia; and 'Farruca' from Manolo SanLucar.There are a total of 16 songs on the CD.

Price: 13.10     ( 16.90 $ )
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Frente a Frente

Frente a Frente is a compilation of songs by Vicent Amigo (the entire De mi corazn al aire album) and Manolo Sanlcar (16 songs.) It was professionally originated in the group Manolo Sanlcar was a part of for five years. In 1989, Vicente Amigo decided to begin his solo carreer by performing at the Festival Nacional del Cante de las Minas de la Unin; he was awarded the first prize.

Price: 12.60     ( 16.25 $ )
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'Canto' a disc with the variety of eguiriyas, rumbas, alegras, tangos, sevillanas and a sole, a palo of which both are experts. El Pels voice, yet another instrument, searches for emotion and finds it. Vicente Amigo's guitar sets a spell.After 12 years of artistic space, Manuel Moreno Maya el pele and Vicente Amigo's collaboration is a watershed in itself for Flamenco music.

Price: 23.10     ( 29.80 $ )
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Vivencias imaginadas

On October 1995 he released his second album titled 'Vivencias Imaginadas', it was a response to the public and the critic's expectations. In this second effort, the collaboration with Paco de Luca in  'Querido Metheny' and with Duquende stand out. The fresh and unique use of rhythm and knowledge in technical aspects make this an indispensable album.

Price: 13.45     ( 17.35 $ )
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Grandes guitarras del flamenco

A compilation in a double disc, it gathers the best Flamenco artists. It gives a broad journey through the palos of Flamenco with its cast: Enrique de Melchor, Manolo Sanlucar, Sabicas, Ramon de Algeciras, Nio Miguel, Paquera de Jerez, Manuel Morao, Pepe de Luca, Fosforito, Paco de Luca, Pedro Pea and  Mara la Perrata.

Price: 22.55     ( 29.09 $ )
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En Vivo

He performed a legendary concert in the Teatro Real de Madrid on February 18, 1975. This album is a landmark for flamenco guitar. The concert was made possible in a colaboration between the Education Ministry and the Music Society of the University of Madrid.

Price: 13.65     ( 17.61 $ )
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Paseo de los Castaos

The Tomatito we all know comes back with new colors and sounds in this album, named after the street where he lives "Paseo de los Castaos."A colaboration with George Benson is heard in the song "La Vacilona."Tomatito uses new guitars and melodic techniques. There is a turkish song orchestrated by Joan Alberto Amargs. Musicians include El Paquete, Tino di Geraldo, Javier Colina, Bernardo...

Price: 14.95     ( 19.29 $ )
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Solo quiero caminar

This album in dedication to Manuel de Falla opens a new period. It was during its recording when Paco came together with the band Dolores and set his radical change, which as materialized by Slo quiero caminar. In this album album, Paco creates a musical universe without losing his flamenco roots.

Price: 12.50     ( 16.13 $ )
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Agua dulce - Tomatito

Tomatito has become a soloist of major significance within the realm of the flamenco guitar. His personal approach to both the festive and traditional formats in flamenco highlight his unique sensitivity and interpretative power. For more than a decade, he has combined loyalty to his racial heritage with an unusual ability to cross ideological barriers. New album of Tomatito with important guest...

Price: 17.85     ( 23.03 $ )
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Tauromagia - Manolo Sanlucar

'Tauromagia' is a landmark in flamenco music, it is a musical round up of the bullfighting world. Songs created by the guitar and vocals (accompanied by chords, metals and percussion) teach with every one of their notes the art of the bullfight. The music's harmony show with the moments of hope, fear, joy death and glroy from the moment the bull is born in the meadow until the bullfighter...

Price: 12.50     ( 16.13 $ )
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