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Hispanoamerica is comprised of 12 tracks. Amapola, Pajaro chogi, Yo vendo unos ojos negros, Guadalajara, Limea, Las maanitas, Alma, corazn y vida, Quizas, quizas, quizas, Tico, tico, Lamento borincano, Y todo a media luz, and La paloma.

Price: 12.60     ( 16.25 $ )
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El mundo del flamenco

El mundo del flamenco (1971)This is one of the first flamenco recordings where the bailaor's taconeo is included as another instrument. This recording has a varied selection of flamenco genres interpreted by the unique prism of this musical Andaluz art: The cante, the toque and the baile. The cante is performed by Paco de Luca's brother. Paco along with his other brother, Ramn de Algeciras,...

Price: 12.60     ( 16.25 $ )
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fantasia flamenca

1969 was the most intense and productive year in Paco de Luca's recording career. He recorded as a solo prject Fantasa Flamenca, which is stil the album that best materializes Paco de Luca's virtuousity with the traditional toque.

Price: 12.60     ( 16.25 $ )
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el corazn de mi gente

El Corazn de Mi Gente brings together the best duo colaborations with other artists. It is a piece that Pepe Luca will never forget. There are tracks with Parrita, Camela Vicente Amigo and Tomatito. There are some unedited alegras by his son and a track titled 'Al alba' recorded with his dauther Mal. In the longrun it's work left undone since he plans on recording other albums of songs he has...

Price: 15.85     ( 20.45 $ )
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Campo del Prncipe

Campo del Prncipe is Juan Habichuela's sophomore effort. In it, this patriarch of the toque, pays tribute to his maestro Juan Ovejilla and to Sabicas with two instrumental pieces. It is an atractive and compelling recording by one of the giants of the toque. In addition, he accompanies three generations of cantaores: the old hand Juan Valderrama, Enrique y Estrella Morente, Rancapino and his 13...

Price: 13.10     ( 16.90 $ )
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12 Hits para 2 guitarras flamencas y orquesta de cuerda

This recording is an opportunity to get acquainted with two essential names in Flamenco guitar. Ramon de Algeciras seems to only do live accompaniment with Paco de Luca. In this album we can enjoy the following repertoire: Los Pescadores de perlas ,Tango de la Rosa ,Si no me more ,El Amor de Laura ,La Luna sobre las Ruinas del Castillo ,Celos ,La Virgen de la Macarena ,Que ser ser ,Yo que no...

Price: 13.65     ( 17.61 $ )
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La Guitarra Espaola

La Guitarra Espaola released under Fonografica del Sur is a compilation album with excellent songs such as: Angelitos negros, Guantanamera, Agua dulce, agua sal, Solamente una vez and Moliendo caf. It is an enjoyable listen.

Price: 12.05     ( 15.54 $ )
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Toques flamencos de guitarra - Nio Ricardo

A re-release. Recordings from 1958. Nio Ricardo is considered by some the best guitarrist to accompany cante of all time. Manuel Serrapi Snchez, Sevilla 1904-1972 is without a doubt one of the best Flamenco guitarrists of all time. According to his biographer Wilkies, he absorved with an unique intelligence the best of the three geniuses who preceded him: from Ramn Montoya, his harmonies,...

Price: 12.05     ( 15.54 $ )
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Paco de Lucia, Al di Meola y John Mclaughlin

The fusions of Paco with McLaughlin, Di Meola and Coryell have delivered a musical swirl with overwhealming international success. More than once, Paco has gotten close to genres like jazz and salsa. It is interesting to know his opinion of the Fusion Music many talk about: 'Fusion may yield results even if I don't believe in it. In my works with Larry Coryell, John McLaughling and Al Di Meola...

Price: 13.65     ( 17.61 $ )
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12 Exitos para dos guitarras flamencas

Ricardo Modrego and Paco de Luca recorded '12 Exitos para dos guitarras flamencas' in 1966. It consists of 12 tracks as well known as A tu vera, Mara de la O, Moliendo caf, Tangos de la vieja rica, Sevillanas populares, Ojos verdes, La luna y el toro, La nia de Puerta Oscura, La crcel de oro, No me digas que no and El emigrante.

Price: 14.70     ( 18.96 $ )
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