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Evocacin a Fernando Terremoto. En Comps de Origen

Recorded live at the Albeniz Theatre of Madrid, during the show with the same name. Directed by Manuel Morao. Cante: Antonio Nuez Chocolate, Maria Vargas, Fernando Terremoto (hijo), Ines Bacan. Guitarists: Juan Morao and Diego Amaya.

Price: 15.20     ( 19.61 $ )
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Flamenco School Collection

The best and most complete Cd collection available on the market in order to learn about, to get to know and enjoy playing, singing and dancing, in the unique art of Flamenco.This collection is made up of 23 Cds' recorded in DDD. It is recommended by the supreme Cristina Hoyos, who presents each step in the traditional 'Flamenco Palos ', with a brief introductory comment.

Price: 378.00     ( 487.62 $ )
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Para bailar por (4 cds)

Para bailar por this collection comprises 4 cds for dance purposes: por tangos, por solea, por alegria y por bulerias.

Price: 55.40     ( 71.47 $ )
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Magna Antologia del Cante Flamenco

Magna Antologia del Cante Flamenco. A 10 Cd's collection including an explanatory booklet to help you to get to the roots of every flamenco type. A necessity for a real amateur collectionist. 

Price: 94.45     ( 121.84 $ )
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Antologia de Cantaores

Antologia de Cantaores. This collection is specially designed for flamenco lovers who wish to listen to the very best of this art at home. Its fifteen Cd's include the very best cantaores and guitarists, some of which have very seldom been recorded. The collection comes with a booklet that helps to guide you through the contents of each Cd, telling also more information about the guitarists and...

Price: 99.05     ( 127.77 $ )
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Antologa del cante flamenco. Flamencologa (7 CDs)

Antologia del Cante Flamenco. A 7 Cd collection  gathering the greatest singers in flamenco history. Jose Palanca; El Peluso; El Sevillano; Jose Cepero; Pepe Pinto; La Nia de los Peines; El Nio de Utrera; Manolo Caracol; Manolo el Gafas; Pericon de Cadiz; Chiquito de Triana; Manolo Vargas; Currito de Utrera; Juanito Valderrama; and many others

Price: 61.60     ( 79.46 $ )
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Torrente by Oscar Herrero

This record is the first work by the guitarist scar Herrero, a concert guitarist, composer and flamenco teacher. Torrente is a display of traditional flamenco guitar. It features the participation of important musicians like Vctor Monge Serranito and David Tavares on the flamenco guitar, and the singing of Carmen Linares and Gabriel Moreno, among others.
List of songs:Dos hermanas...

Price: 16.40     ( 21.16 $ )
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Learn how to play the flamenco cajn - Dvd)

Script by Guillermo McGill and Faustino Nez In this DVD you will find everything related to the cajn, its rudiments, basic sounds, technique and its application in flamencomusic. Five cameras record the whole process, for the first time there will be shown all the details related to the cajn and its music.The DVD further includes a detailed explanation on the rhythmical structure...

Price: 31.35     ( 40.44 $ )
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practice the flamenco cajn - Dvd

Script by Guillermo McGill and Faustino Nez Here you can accompany with your cajn the following styles of flamenco:BulerasAlegrasBuleras por soleSeguiriyasTangosTanguillosRumbaAccess to two different set ups: one with all musicians, the other focussed on the cajn, showing it being played from different angles. Also here the volume can be reduced, so the student can play on his...

Price: 31.35     ( 40.44 $ )
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sabicas flamenco puro (libro + cd)

Transcription by Juan de la Mata, second guitar of SABICAS for more than 30 years.Played by Jose Manuel Montoya
Themes:Por los olivares FandangosEcos jerezanos Sole por bulerasPunta y tacn - FarrucaIncludes a CD with the themes recorded at normal tempo and to a tempo that is approximately 20% slower than the tempo indicated on the score. This has been done so that the student can...

Price: 27.15     ( 35.02 $ )
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