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Tratado de bailes

Written by Jos Otero.240 pages. Reproduction of the original book written in 1912, explaining with photos the age and with scores the general dancing knowledge.  Paperback 14,5x21,5cm.

Price: 6.25     ( 8.06 $ )
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La Danza Espaola

Written by Trini Borrul. Hardback in Spanish, 12 by 16 cm; 143 page long, an historic account of Spanish Dance by regions, dance steps and choreographies. 250grams.

Price: 5.05     ( 6.51 $ )
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As canta y baila Andalucia

Written by Pepa Guerra. Paperback in Spanish, 16.5 by 24 cm; 229 page long, from town to town, a complete guide to costume, dance and songs with sheet music included, from all Andalucia.

Price: 17.15     ( 22.12 $ )
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Ballet Nacional de Espaa

Compliled by Roger Salas. Hardback in Spanish, 30.5 by 21.5 cm and 297 pages. Special edition for the National Ballet's 20th anniversary, including biographies, photo albums, posters, tour with dates, shows etca complete run through the Spanish National Ballets history. Luxury edition, book covers in hard board and canvas.

Price: 12.60     ( 16.25 $ )
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Nueva savia del flamenco. Fotografas - Paco Snchez

Book of digital pictures in color of young figures of the flamenco art.  Dimensions:  28 x 60 centimeters.  140 pages.  60 photographies.

Price: 25.65     ( 33.09 $ )
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Retratos del flamenco - Paco Sanchez

Hard cover. More than 150 black and white photographs of the best flamenco artistIn this book, Paco Snchez displays the portraits of the most famous artists in contemporary flamenco. This collection is made up by 100 photographs of artists who have had their picture taken before or after their performances. The sets for the pictures have been their dressing rooms, waiting rooms or corridors. As...

Price: 30.45     ( 39.28 $ )
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El Baile Flamenco (Angel Alvarez)

Written by Angel Alvarez Caballero. Hardback in Spanish, 17.5 by 25 cm; 410 pages with many photos and prints, a very thorough pass all round history of flamenco from its origins, the very old style, the singing cafes, Granada and the zambras, the theatre cycle.

Price: 37.25     ( 48.05 $ )
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Rito y Geografia del Cante

Paperback in Spanish, 34 by 24.5 cm; 259 pages long, an introductory guide to the history of cante jondo, for the beginners and at the same time, it turns out to be a 'gift' for the connoisseurs thanks to the articles and photos in it.

Price: 19.45     ( 25.09 $ )
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El Compas Flamenco de todos los estilos

Written by Jos Mara Expsito. Paperback in Spanish, 14,5 by 21.5 cm; 147 pages long that will be like a guide through all the styles in Flamenco, a study and in depth analysis from the musical beat and rhythm angles and a brief resume of the authors own experiences with the world of Flamenco and its characters.

Price: 9.60     ( 12.38 $ )
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Guia Libre del Flamenco

Written by Jos Manuel Gamboa. Paperback in Spanish, 17 by 23 cm; 454 pages long, a directory and several indexes of musicians, saints days and professionals.

Price: 20.15     ( 25.99 $ )
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