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Pasin Gitana - Joaquin Corts (VHS-PAL) #4970008


Pasin Gitana - Joaquin Corts (VHS-PAL)

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Pasin Gitana - Joaquin Corts (VHS-PAL)

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The same Pasin Gitana (Gypsy Passion) that triumphed on international stages, the show that Corts dedicated to his grandfather. It is an homage to the gypsy race and roots, an explosion of music and dancing in which the young talent who has revolutionised flamenco appears with a long skirt, naked from the waist up. Flamenco dressed for the streets by none other than Armani -: bailaoras (female flamenco dancers) in trousers, and bailaor (male flamenco dancer) in trousers with tails. The best point: the farewell at the end of the show, in which those who were singing dance, and those who were playing instruments sing.
Length: 55 mins.
Only available in PAL Version