::  Flamenco Step by Step. Sole (03) - VHS.
Flamenco Step by Step. Sole (03) - VHS. #4880003


Flamenco Step by Step. Sole (03) - VHS.

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One of the most difficult palos (forms) to perform, which becomes easier with the explanation provided by Adrin Galia. He doesnt just focus on technique, he also looks in detail at how to manage to feel the music and perform it with duende (a sublime state of inspiration, almost an state of ecstasy, a trance that can be perceived by the public and that appears unexpectedly; professionals and enthusiasts consider it the ideal condition to perform flamenco). The sole that Adrin Galia performs at the end of the video with his artistic group is a good example of how to do it.
Dancing: Adrin Galia, Siudy Garrido.
On guitar: Diego de Bormujos, Miguel Prez.
Singing: Pepe Jimnez, Chiqui de la Lnea, Segundo Falcn.
On percussion: Jos Fernndez 'Pata Losada'.