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Camarn de la Isla. Alma y corazn flamencos (3 CDs) #112UN338

Camarn de la Isla. Alma y corazn flamencos (3 CDs)

24.95  / 32.19 $ 
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(Remasterizado y Digipack).
The company Universal Music has recovered and updated the voice of the cantaor from San Fernando on a triple album with thirty-three songs. The definitive publishing and mastering has been carried out in the mythical Abbey Road Studios in London directed by Luis Monge, Camarn's son.
The result will come out in a triple CD format with thirty-three titles 'and many surprises: instruments which weren't heard before are now in their natural plane, the voice of the genius updated in color and sharpness, an intense job but full of love and respect for he who is the greatest flamenco cantaor of all time'. Great songs by the artist will be able to be listened to with new luster such as 'Canastera', 'Rosa Mara', 'Volando voy', 'Yo vivo enamorao', 'Calle Real', 'Te lo dice Camarn'... and of course, 'Soy gitano'.
the company Universal has taken the original tapes by Camarn and has remixed some of the most famous numbers by the Cdiz-born cantaor. The novelties in the new triple compilation are "to include a previously unreleased flourish by Tomatito in 'La Tarara', recover the arrangements by Joan Albert Amargos which were lost in the original mixes of 'La Leyenda del Tiempo', include the second voices by Jos Monge eliminated in previous editions and listen to the Royal Philharmonic again with all its energy", as reads a press release by the company. At the same time, after thirty-three years, the original version of the bulera 'Samara' has been recovered and restored, which had been released incomplete since being published on vinyl in 1971, 'and nobody without the LP from that year has been able to listen to it just as Paco de Luca and Camarn intended it'.
  Disco 1
  1. Detrs del tuyo se va
  2. Llorando me lo peda
  3. Barrio de Santa Mara
  4. Una estrella chiquitita
  5. Que un toro bravo en su muerte
  6. Canastera
  7. Rosa Mara
  8. En el fondo se clav
  9. Samara
  10. Que he dejao de quererte
  11. Y mira que mira y mira
  1. La Tarara
  2. Volando voy
  3. La leyenda del tiempo
  4. Como el agua
  5. Gitana te quiero
  6. Yo vivo enamorao
  7. Calle real
  8. Caminando
  9. Campanas de alba
  10. Nuestros sueos
  11. Vivir
  1. Mi sangre grita
  2. Tu mare Rosa
  3. Te lo dice Camarn
  4. Brrame de tu memoria
  5. Vente conmigo
  6. Los inmortales
  7. Soy gitano
  8. Volando voy
  9. La calle de los lunares
  10. Una rosa pa tu pelo
  11. La primavera