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El pequeo reloj #515EMI03
El pequeo reloj
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:: Enrique Morente  More songs of this artist
  Disco: 1
   1 - A Ramn Montoya
  2 - El pequeo reloj
   3 - Alegra Sabicas
   4 - Calles de Cdiz
  5 - A Manolo de Huelva
  6 - Cinco ventanas
  7 - Caa del to Jos "El Granaino"
  8 - Policaa
  9 - Plaza vieja
  10 - Buleras de Bcquer
  11 - Caramelo de Cuba
  12 - Vendiendo flores
  13 - Alegato contra las armas
  14 - Reloj molesto
In this CD, Enrique Morente lends his voice to relive old recordings of late masters like Sabicas, Manolo de Huelva and Ramn Montoya. Morente sings an electronic by Carlos Jean dedicated to Lula, Brazilian president. There is also Latin Jazz with Cuban Alain Prez and Neoyorican Jerry Gonzalez, and also an anit-war tune inspired on Beethoven's 'Claire of the Moon'. This CD features collaborations of Morente's daughter Estrella, a truly star on her own -check her out-, Pepe Habichuuela and Tomatito, with poems from Quevedo, Len Felipe or Bcquer. Music from the past is  present here like Andalus, Classic, Gregorian, Jewish... but also modern rhythms like pop, jazz and techno. This a passionate cultural album from the inside of the heart of this flamenco master.