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En familia

'En Familia' by Carmen Amaya. Recordings from the decade of the 1940's, with Sabicas and accompanied by Paco and Jos Amaya's guitars. A Cd, full of fandangos, buleras , tangos, tientos and zambra.

Price: 10.50     ( 13.54 $ )
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Romero verde y otros grandes exitos

Lole and Manuel always took things at ease; with a calmness that hid a revolution. Lole's cante, sober and sweet, and Manuel's guitar, straightforward and masterful, broke with established flamenco. Thanks to their poetic lyrics and worldly spirits they won over a diverse audience. This Cd has the song 'Al Alba Con Alegra' (1980) which was dedicated to their daughter.

Price: 9.25     ( 11.93 $ )
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Homenaje a D. Antonio Chacon

Morente pays homage to one of the masters of all time of flamenco on this recording, because of which he received the Premio Nacional de Msica Popular de Espaa on 1978. Morente's recordings will continue to show his restlesness as cantaor and his innate ability of creativity.

Price: 10.85     ( 14.00 $ )
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Sacromonte, by Enrique Morente, is this recording's title. Sacromonte is a neighborhood in Granada where gypsies live in caves and singing and dancing flamenco is part of the daily routine. Is one of the most important birthplaces of flamenco in all of Andaluca which has brought out important and famous bailaores, guitarrists and cantaores of flamenco such as Enrique Morente, el Polaco, los...

Price: 13.00     ( 16.77 $ )
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Oroso Romi

Her buleras are original because of their boastfulness, variety and witt. The highlights of the recording are the two buleras at the end and the cante by fandango where aurora displays her gypsy spirit. This gypsy tornado admits she prefers cante over baile, although her art may be equally divided between parts of the two aspects. She usually awakens the most dormant feelings when she begins to...

Price: 14.95     ( 19.29 $ )
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Pa Saber de flamenco

This album holds together recordings by important figures of cante such as Camarn de la Isla, Paco de Luca, Bambino or Carmen Linares.It is a compilation of a medley of of styles with recordings from recent years. La Leyenda del Tiempo, Camarn's legendary album and one of the major landmarks in the history of flamenco, is where Pa Saber de Flamenco starts off. It's about a tool to be used in...

Price: 10.00     ( 12.90 $ )
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salazar canta a edith piaf

With her tribute sung and danced to the parisian Edith Piaf, Ana Salazar begins a rather unorthodox path. With her involvement in 'Chanson flamenca' an interlude with the Wale music and is seen in her new work. Following her trajectory set forth by Chanson Flamencoa: A flamenco tribute to the french song, we now have ANA SALAZAR CANATA A EDITH PIAF, a tribute to this great artist.The album has 11...

Price: 17.85     ( 23.03 $ )
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Camarn integral (19 CDs)

Limited edition. All his discography in a collection of 19 CDs. Special packagingContents: 18 official recordings plus a previously unreleased CD with rarities, new versions of old songs and studio out takes.It includes a 48 pages book with texts and photographies of all his career. 

Price: 138.99     ( 179.30 $ )
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Friday night in San Francisco

This live recording from 1980 matched U.S.fusion guitar heavyweights Al Di Meola and John McLaughlin with Spanish guitar guru Paco De Lucia. It is an awesome jam sesson. Listening to this album is like listening in on a conversation in a beautiful language different from your own where you can pick out phrases and appreciate the rhythms and intonations. After you have a listen or two, you'll...

Price: 12.00     ( 15.48 $ )
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Jvenes Maestros del Arte Flamenco - Rafael Campallo

The farruca, sole por buleras, taranto and alegras are the tracks of this record in which the young bailaor (flamenco dancer) Rafael Campallo is accompanied by some members of his family, who sing and as well as playing the guitar. This record can help listeners to get to know the Sevillian master from a more metric, more precise perspective, allowing us to get closer to his musical...

Price: 28.50     ( 36.77 $ )
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