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    Confí de fuá. José Mercé. CD+DVD

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    Confí de fuá. José Mercé. CD+DVD Ref.: 515EMI376
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    EMI - ODEON S.A.


    Disc 1

    • 1. Confí de fuá (Bulería)
    • 2. Líbreme el hombre de vencer al hombre
    • 3. Juana (Tangos)
    • 4. Saliva curativa (Rumba)
    • 5. Clandestino
    • 6. Oxígeno
    • 7. Tiritrán (Alegría)
    • 8. No me digas (Bulería)
    • 9. De tu olvido me curé (Soleá)
    • 10. Cuenta que tiene un amante (Fandango)
    • 11. Deblá
    • 12. Martinete toná
    • 13. Saliva curativa (Rumba) - Versión Extendida
    • Disco 2
    • 1. DVD: Deblá (Directo
    • 2. Martinete toná (Directo)
    • 3. Cuenta que tiene un amante (Fandango en Directo)
    • 4. Galería de fotos
    • 5. Entrevista

    José Mercé renews himself yet again. In this work the cantaor (flamenco singer) surprises us by taking a step forward in his conception of flamenco, and he manages to make pure flamenco live side by side with other genres. Isidro Muñoz has composed and produced the songs on this record, which goes from the atmosphere of dives and coffee of the album's title song, to the Latin-soul music of 'Saliva Curativa' with Diego Carrasco carrying out a rapper's duties, the pacifist manifesto 'Líbreme el hombre' and a version of 'Clandestino' by Manu Chao. It also includes the live versions of two extra tracks and an extended version of 'Saliva curativa'.
    The DVD also contains the images of live performances of three of the songs, an interview with the cantaor and a complete picture gallery.

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