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  • La reina del embrujo gitano - Carmen Amaya - Cd + Dvd - Pal 29.350€ #50535AD341 Ref.: 50535AD341

    La reina del embrujo gitano - Carmen Amaya - Cd + Dvd - Pal

    The most temperamental, tragic and passionate figure in flamenco dancing was also capable of expressing the captivating emotion of the gypsy race as a cantaora (flamenco singer). An essential pack with spectacular images and hard to find footage of the biggest legend of flamenco dance. Including images from most of her filmography: Short films from the 40's and also scenes from the movies 'Maria...

    Price: 29.35 € (Without taxes)
  • Poemas del exilio Rafael Alberti - Miguel Poveda 15.650€ #50113HMI340 Ref.: 50113HMI340

    Poemas del exilio Rafael Alberti - Miguel Poveda

    Born in Cádiz, Rafael Alberti had to flee from Spain after the Republican government was defeated in 1939. He went into exile in Argentina, where he wrote numerous poems to express his homesickness and anxiety for his wounded country. His verses with their Andalusian flavour inspired composer Enric Palomar to compose a suite for a chamber orchestra and flamenco voice which resounds with elements...

    Price: 15.65 € (Without taxes)
  • Agua dulce - Tomatito 17.850€ #50112UN362 Ref.: 50112UN362

    Agua dulce - Tomatito

    Tomatito has become a soloist of major significance within the realm of the flamenco guitar. His personal approach to both the festive and traditional formats in flamenco highlight his unique sensitivity and interpretative power. For more than a decade, he has combined loyalty to his racial heritage with an unusual ability to cross ideological barriers. New album of Tomatito with important guest...

    Price: 17.85 € (Without taxes)
  • Cositas buenas - Paco de Lucia 14.650€ #50112UN333 Ref.: 50112UN333

    Cositas buenas - Paco de Lucia

    For four decades, Spanish guitarist Paco de Lucia's jazzy, Mephisto-like technique redefined flamenco. This CD, which means 'Good Small Things,' is de Lucia’s first release in five years, and it's been worth the wait. Most of the eight tracks feature just de Lucia, a chorus of vocalists, percussion, and the zesty handclaps called palmas. Lucia and company take you through the Moorish, Jewish,...

    Price: 14.65 € (Without taxes)
  • Niña de los Peines - Utter Compilation 104.950€ #50485103979 Ref.: 50485103979

    Niña de los Peines - Utter Compilation

    Utter Compilation of Pastora Pavón´s recording, restored and digitalized in 13 Cd´s.And one more interactive Cd including La Niña de los Peines life and work analysed by eleven researchers.

    Price: 104.95 € (Without taxes)
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