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  • La Barbería del Sur - Nuevos Medios Coleccion 15.550€ #50509NM246 Ref.: 50509NM246

    La Barbería del Sur - Nuevos Medios Coleccion

    La Barbería del Sur lead the second wave of New flamenco bands and picked up right where Pata Negra and Ketama left off, bleding flamenco with other latin styles and jazz. In many aspects there haven't been any other recordings better than the ones La Barbería made with Nuevos Medios. The member's deep flamenco roots and and their spontaneous sprinkles of jazz, latin and african rhythms yielded...

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  • .... Llego el día. Triana 12.600€ #50113DEW36 Ref.: 50113DEW36

    .... Llego el día. Triana

    Triana's day came. The band's day came when Jesús de la Rosa, undoubtably the band's creative engine, died in a traffic accident. Many believe that had Jesús survived the band would have delivered a return to style from the first three albums.  It's simply guesswork, however, given that there's no proof in this album for there to be returning styles from the past. There are some very good...

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  • La familia pollo. Kiko Veneno. CD 13.650€ #50511BMG302 Ref.: 50511BMG302

    La familia pollo. Kiko Veneno. CD

    In this, his first album recorded in Sevilla, the acoustic guitar is important, especially considering he hadn't used in any previous recordings, along with new drum rhythms making 'La Familia Pollo' an album with more variety. La Familia Pollo is Kiko Veneno at his best, telling stories of daily life. His music travels through Catalan rumba, Cuba, African and Brasil with a personal and...

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  • Esta muy bien eso del cariño. Kiko Veneno. CD 13.650€ #50511BMG303 Ref.: 50511BMG303

    Esta muy bien eso del cariño. Kiko Veneno. CD

    Ever since he started the band 'Veneno', Kiko Veneno has been considered the pioneer of pop-flamenco fusion.

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  • Sombra y Luz. Triana. CD 14.700€ #50113DEW165 Ref.: 50113DEW165

    Sombra y Luz. Triana. CD

    Sombra y Luz is the second part of the 'Una historia' compilation of this legendary 70's Andaluz rock band.It is an album full of seduction, folklor, rhythm and a lot of Triana-style progressive Andaluz-rock. In addition, 'Sombra y Luz' puts an exclamation point on the first third part of this band's life. After this album they change producers, cover designer and guitar player, given their music...

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  • El Patio - Triana 13.650€ #50113DEW236 Ref.: 50113DEW236

    El Patio - Triana

    With the first Triana's disc the Andalusian rock or the roots rock was born. The trio from Sevilla, Jesus de la Rosa (voice and keyboards), Eduardo Ropdriguez Rodway (flamenco guitar) and Tele Palacios (drums) mixed keyboards with bulerias, flamenco guitars and electric guitars, the blues and the tangos, the seguirillas and the symphonic rock. Songs like "Abre la puerta" with an amazing drums...

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  • Andy & Lucas (Edición especial) 24.150€ #50511BMG347 Ref.: 50511BMG347

    Andy & Lucas (Edición especial)

    This edition of the CD of Andy & Lucas contains a CD and a DVD.  The CD includes the complete disc of Andy & Lucas, two new songs ('Corre y vuela' y 'Carmela')and two new versions of the subjects 'Hasta los huesos' y 'Mírame a la cara'. The DVD is titled 'Viviendo un sueño'and collect a concert in direct engraving in the Sala Bikini, of Barcelona, in which they interpret 10 songs when the...

    Price: 24.15 € (Without taxes)
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