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    This production comes from Mexico under the direction of the great Mexican artist Juan Gabriel, who has written five songs for this new album.

    This Isabel's new disc is a significant work in her professional career; this is her first incursion in the Mexican music. It’s a trip full of emotions, which musically includes the traditional ranchera and the contemporary ballad.

    Isabel Pantoja has got a long career of record successes which counts 32 discs. They have had a great repercussion of sales both in Spain and in Latin America where she has got several multiplatinum discs. Isabel Pantoja is the only artist has knew how to win the heart of million followers with her talent and who comes back with a great musical bet to inaugurate a new decade of successes.

    This album is good, for Isabel Pantoja, and with it, we discover many of the keys of her current personal and artistic moment. She certifies it in one of her songs:

    People know where i come from, what i have and where I go

    People knows what i want, in who i believe and how i am

    I don’t need to tell them, to lie them

    And if someone wants to know about my life

    He can come and see me, and singing, I tell him myself…


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