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    Carmen Sevilla. Grandes Exitos. 2CDS

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    Carmen Sevilla. Grandes Exitos. 2CDS Ref.: 50080424189
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    CD 1

    • 1. Carmen de España
    • 2. La gente
    • 3. El ángel de la guarda
    • 4. La pícara molinera
    • 5. Con el catapum
    • 6. La luna y el toro
    • 7. Luna de Benidorm
    • 8. Mis noches de Madrid
    • 9. Ojitos traidores
    • 10. Coplas de Luis Candelas
    • 11. Cariño trianero
    • 12. Carnavallito de arena
    • CD 2
    • 1. Violetas imperiales
    • 2. Tarantela sevillana
    • 3. Romance de la ostra
    • 4. Typical spanish
    • 5. Sevillanas del rocío
    • 6. Tengo miedo torero
    • 7. Repiqueteo
    • 8. Cabecita loca
    • 9. Amor ¿Dónde estás amor?
    • 10. En una calle cualquiera
    • 11. Los gitanos
    • 12. Manuel Benítez el Cordobés

    Double cd, Best of Carmen Sevilla, including all her discography and greatest hits after 24 years of singing.

    Carmen Sevilla, one of the most beautiful and nicest woman among the Spanish profession, Maria del Carmen Garcia Galisteo showed a deep talent singing and dancing. At twelve years old she already triumphs together with Paquita Rico and Ana Esmeralda, on stage with Rapsodia in Spanish. Her name appeared among the dancers of Enrique Castro and she was a very close friend of teh "Principe Gitano".

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