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    ¡ay! Malvaloca: Unpublished Recordings La Habana 1951-1952. Conchita Piquer

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    ¡ay! Malvaloca: Unpublished Recordings La Habana 1951-1952. Conchita Piquer Ref.: 50535AD513
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    Disco 1

    • 1. La Parrala - Pasodoble
    • 2. Las coplas del almendro - Bulerías
    • 3. La rosa y el viento - Canción
    • 4. Cria Cuervos - Zambra
    • 5. No me llames Dolores - Bulerías
    • 6. Ay, Malvaloca - Canción Andaluza
    • 7. A la lima y el limón - Pasodoble
    • 8. Antonio Vargas Heredia - Canción Zambra
    • 9. Romance de la Reina Mercedes - Canción marcha
    • 10. Y sin embargo te quiero - Zambra
    • 11. Arrieros somos - Canción
    • 12. Ojos Verdes - Bulerías
    • 13. Romance de "La otra" - Pasodoble

    Those who did not have the chance to ear Conchita Piquer live, will be happy to do it through this marvellous CD. Conchita Piquer's unpublished recodings live from La Havana, between 1951 and 1952. Very high quality recordings. You will find songs like "Ay! Malvaloca" and "Sin embargo te quiero". This CD is an essential jewel. As sais Pablo Picasso: "The first time I have listenned to Conchita Piquer in Madrid, I understood why the spanish art was inmortal."


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