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  • Amor eterno - Isabel Pantoja 12.600€ #50112UN406 Ref.: 50112UN406

    Amor eterno - Isabel Pantoja

    Isabel is pure 'Love', this is one of her best recordings, not counting her Copla recordings. Copla is the equivelant to the blues or country music in Spain. One of the best tracks in this recording is the actual title of the cd 'Amor Eterno', it's a very strong song lyrically speaking & powerful vocals too. As always Isabel seems to better herself in each recording.

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  • A tu vera - Isabel Pantoja 12.600€ #50112UN404 Ref.: 50112UN404

    A tu vera - Isabel Pantoja

    Who ever talks of Isabel Pantoja, talks of La Copla. Her own name is pure spanish folk,it runs in her blood stream.In this recording she demonstrates once again that she's the one and only 'Queen of Spanish Folk'(La Copla). Isabel Pantoja is one of the premier artists of the now revitalized 'Copla' style of music from Andalucia, Spain.  Isabel puts on a performance equal to none, her fire and...

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  • Isabel Pantoja 12.600€ #50112UN383 Ref.: 50112UN383

    Isabel Pantoja

    The cd 'Isabel Pantoja' is composed of 10 songs, in which you can find nice ballads and boleros of  Isable Pantoja. The amazing voice of Isabel Pantoja is here represented by it strongness and perfection.

    Price: 12.60 € (Without taxes)
  • Donde el corazón me lleve - Isabel Pantoja 20.450€ #50112UN382 Ref.: 50112UN382

    Donde el corazón me lleve - Isabel Pantoja

    'Donde el corazon me lleve' is composed of 10 songs, in which you can find nice ballads like the tittle 'Donde el corazon me lleve' and other boleros of Isabel Pantoja. The amazing voice of Isabel Pantoja is here represented by it strongness and perfection.

    Price: 20.45 € (Without taxes)
  • Buena suerte - Isabel Pantoja 18.850€ #50112UN381 Ref.: 50112UN381

    Buena suerte - Isabel Pantoja

    The last work of Isabel Pantoja, 'Buena Suerte', is a very nice and  work, recorded between her studio and Miami. This work reflects her emotional stability and her professionalism. 

    Price: 18.85 € (Without taxes)
  • Isabel Pantoja (3 cd's) 18.850€ #50112UN380 Ref.: 50112UN380 Isabel Pantoja (3 cd's)

    Here is a best of Isabel Pantoja musical history. 3 cd's 'Amor Eterno', 'Isabel Pantoja' and 'Donde el corazón me lleve'.

    Price: 18.85 € (Without taxes)
  • Juanita Reina. 2CDS 7.950€ #50080424851 Ref.: 50080424851

    Juanita Reina. 2CDS

    Juanita Reina, cantante y actriz española, conocida como La reina de la copla.En este doble cd se reunen las 24 canciones más conocidas de Juanita Reina como ''Francisco Alegre'', ''Capote de grana y oro'', ''Ay Carabi, huri''.

    Price: 7.95 € (Without taxes)
  • La Musica de España Vol.1 - 2.CDS 7.950€ #50080422512 Ref.: 50080422512

    La Musica de España Vol.1 - 2.CDS

    If you are running a party and if want that your guests keep dancing all night long, it is very easy. This double cd includes 24 songs, very famous in Spain. Including some titles like El Porompompero, Sevilla tiene un color especial, Vete, Amigos para siempre, Asereje and some Spanish music from the seventies like Un rayo de sol, Black is Black or el Baile de los pajaritos. For an unforgettable...

    Price: 7.95 € (Without taxes)
  • Parrita Copla Flamenca 17.950€ #50112UN698 Ref.: 50112UN698

    Parrita Copla Flamenca

    “Copla flamenca” is a tribute to Paco de Lucía, "he asked it to me." Parrita, who started his career more than 30 years ago, goes all over the most important standards of Spanish Flamenco songs and the coplas, as “Torre de Arena”, “Mi niña Lola” or “Rosa venenosa”. It also includes “Zambra Gitana”, the duet between Parrita...

    Price: 17.95 € (Without taxes)
  • Iberian piano. Chano Domínguez 21.500€ #50515EMI653 Ref.: 50515EMI653

    Iberian piano. Chano Domínguez

    Iberian piano is a happiness for the spanish music. In his new work, Chano Domínguez gathered the essence of Albéniz, Mompou, Granados and Falla work to create it again, immerse it in flamenco and jazz improvisation to transform it in something new with piano and musicians participation like Blas Córdoba ''El Kejío'' (sing, palmas), Tomás Moreno ''Tomasito''...

    Price: 21.50 € (Without taxes)
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