Gitano Cubano. Manzanita

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    Disco 1

    • 1. El carretero
    • 2. La mora
    • 3. Veneración
    • 4. Échale salsita con David Montes
    • 5. Hueso na má
    • 6. El bodeguero con Raimundo Amador
    • 7. Paisano
    • 8. Abriendo surcos
    • 9. Penas ocultas
    • 10. Cachita con Lucrecia
    • 11. La negra Tomasa
    • 12. Dos gardenias
    • 13. Dos gardenias con Lolita
    • 14. Tiempo

    In this album, Manzanita covers a series of traditional Cuban songs with Gyspy music elements such as the Spanish guitar, the palms and the cajón meeting with cuban instruments like the claves, maracas, güiro, the tres and the chinese corneta.
    This was a project Manzanita looked forward to since the beginning of his musical career, given that he could always mix his rumba Cuban sounds: sones, guarachas and boleros. A cultural as well as musical fusion with the collaboration of Raimundo Amador, Lucrecia, Lolita and David Montes.
    The result of these mixtures could only be an album full of magic, West Indian and Andaluz magic coming together. This album is a piece of musical research on popular songs and comes along with two unedited tracks.

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