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    Fruto del amor - Parrita

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    EMI - ODEON S.A.


    Disco 1

    • 1. Tan lejos de mi
    • 2. De canela y flor
    • 3. Quítale la máscara
    • 4. Fruto del amor
    • 5. Ni un día más
    • 6. La llave de mi corazón
    • 7. Enamorado
    • 8. Ella es mi armonía
    • 9. Nocturnos de la ventana
    • 10. Entre dos corazones

    Parrita does not provide anything new in this Fruto del amor album, named after a song he wrote about the joy being a father has brought him. He uses yet again the same recipe that has always made him succesful. Flamenco-like songs, balads and emotional lyrics. Some tracks are are stunningly similar to others.


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