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    Diez y Cuarto. Siempre Así. CD

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    Diez y Cuarto. Siempre Así. CD Ref.: 50511BMG702
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    1. Vivir Amándonos

    • 2. Donde Descansa Todo Mi Amor
    • 3. Si Los Hombres Han Llegado Hasta La Luna
    • 4. Tu Mirada
    • 5. Ya Nada Es Igual
    • 6. Se Quedo
    • 7. Que Quieres Mas De Mi
    • 8. Si Me Das A Elegir
    • 9. Que Se Escuche Tu Canción
    • 10. No Te Marches Ahora
    • 11. Tu Seras Mi Amanecer
    • 12. Nuestro Homenaje A La Familia Aragón

    In December of 1998 Siempre Asi launched their new CD "Diez Y Cuarto" ("Diez" because they were ten people in the band at that time, and "cuarto" because it was their fourth CD.  They thought it would be nice to record TV clowns´ songs that they used to sing during their concerts in a casual way. In a certain way, this gave them the opportunity to go back to their childhood.

    Thank to this tribute that they did to the Aragón family, a few months later, Miliki invited them to sing on his record "A Mis Niños de Treinta Años", an unforgettable experience that increased record sales and brought a Grammy to Miliki.



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