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  • Principality of Asturies. 2Cds 7.975€ #50080423458 Ref.: 50080423458

    Principality of Asturies. 2Cds

    Compilation in a double Cd with 24 songs of asturian music. Among the most famous songs we find the following ones: Soy Asturiana, Cantar bien neñe, La Gatsegada, La Virgen de Cobadonga, Vaqueiras...

    Price: 7.98 € (Without taxes)
  • Cantabrian highland songs. 2Cds 7.975€ #50080423793 Ref.: 50080423793

    Cantabrian highland songs. 2Cds

    Cantabria highland songs 2Cds is a collection of cantabrian traditional music. The collection is composed by highlands pieces and popular songs from the Cantabrian coast. We have famous songs as: Mi bella tierruca, ¿Dónde vas morenuca?, Carmoniega, Romería montañesa, Ramo a San Pedro, Picayos de viernoles, Asómate a la ventana, Ronada de tanos...

    Price: 7.98 € (Without taxes)
  • Folklore of Murcia. 2CDS 7.975€ #50080423601 Ref.: 50080423601

    Folklore of Murcia. 2CDS

    The region of Murcia counts on a great artistic cultural expression representative of the people. A very clear exponent of this expression is the music. In this double CD you can find popular songs of this nice land as is the region of Murcia.

    Price: 7.98 € (Without taxes)
  • Albada Aragonesa 2. CDS 7.975€ #500806023276 Ref.: 500806023276

    Albada Aragonesa 2. CDS

    Collection of 24 songs that groups together the big richness and variety of the folklore from aragon. The most famous songs are the following ones: Pa tu madre eres muy guapa, Cuando yo era chiquitica, Un beso me tienes que dar, Como entre las flores de la rosa, El que en Aragón se casa, Bolero de Caspe, Para reir o llorar...

    Price: 7.98 € (Without taxes)
  • Folklore Castilla y Leon. 2CDS 7.975€ #50080423489 Ref.: 50080423489

    Folklore Castilla y Leon. 2CDS

    ''Folklore Castilla y León'' is a compilation of 24 popular folkloric songs from Castile and León a region with a wide and diverse folklore. Its musical identity is based on sobriety and the absence of flourish. The most famous rhythms are jota, fandangos and “rueda” dances.

    Price: 7.98 € (Without taxes)
  • Canciones y Danzas de Navarra. 2CDS 7.975€ #50080423588 Ref.: 50080423588

    Canciones y Danzas de Navarra. 2CDS

    ''Canciones y Danzas de Navarra'' is a double CD which includes 24 popular jotas among others likeOveja que al puerto subes,Irrinitzi de Iruña, Con las cuerdas bien templadas. In Navarra is traditional the jota singing, the dancing with sword, sticks, ribbons and scarfs.

    Price: 7.98 € (Without taxes)
  • Trobada Catalana. 2CDS 7.975€ #50080023160 Ref.: 50080023160

    Trobada Catalana. 2CDS

    In the Catalonian music you'll find a nationalist feeling with notable songs for the Catalonian culture.On this double cd you'll find 24 thems from the Catalonian popular folk songs.

    Price: 7.98 € (Without taxes)
  • Tradicions Catalanes. 2CDS 7.975€ #50080023153 Ref.: 50080023153

    Tradicions Catalanes. 2CDS

    The Catalonian music has always had a different character. It is the artistic expression of people thinking in a special way. The reflect of their culture.

    Price: 7.98 € (Without taxes)
  • Alborada Galega. 2CDS 7.975€ #50080023351 Ref.: 50080023351

    Alborada Galega. 2CDS

    ''Alborada Galega'' is a double CD with 24 songs of Galician music. You will find popular songs like: Muñeira da miña tierra, A miña aldea, Muñeira popular, Himno al apóstol Santiago. The traditional Galician music has an amazing vitality. The greater part of its artistic expression is connected with local festivities, pilgrimage and romerias. The...

    Price: 7.98 € (Without taxes)
  • Somnis de Catalunya. 2CDS 7.975€ #50080023146 Ref.: 50080023146

    Somnis de Catalunya. 2CDS

    On this double cd entitles "Somnis de Catalunya" you'll find traditional songs of Catalonia. Notable songs as El rossinyol, Rondalles and cançons, La sardana de les monges among others. These traditional songs reflect the deep CAtalonian feeling.

    Price: 7.98 € (Without taxes)
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