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  • Jotas Navarras. No te vayas de Navarra 2. CDS 7.975€ #50080420679 Ref.: 50080420679

    Jotas Navarras. No te vayas de Navarra 2. CDS

    In this double pack you'll find popular songs like No te vayas de Navarra, Quisiera volver quisiera, among others. Navarra and Aragón are the cradle of the jota. The pamplonica jota is full of feeling.

    Price: 7.98 € (Without taxes)
  • La Força Catalana 7.975€ #50080424455 Ref.: 50080424455

    La Força Catalana

    La Força catalana. A disc with 2 cds with 24 songs from Catalonia.''Cançó d'amor i de guerra'', ''El cant dels ocells'', ''La sardana de L' alcalde'', ''El Toc D'Oració''.

    Price: 7.98 € (Without taxes)
  • Asturian tradition. 2Cds 7.975€ #50080423441 Ref.: 50080423441

    Asturian tradition. 2Cds

    As the title says, this double Cd brings together 24 songs of asturian tradition. The most famous are the following ones: A vivir en la montaña, Por debaixo del puente, Adiós Asturias del alma, En la gaita traigo Asturias, El ramo, Aquellos bueyes, Caballo al verde, Asturias patria querida...

    Price: 7.98 € (Without taxes)
  • Asturian mark. 2Cds 7.975€ #50080423465 Ref.: 50080423465

    Asturian mark. 2Cds

    The asturian music has a big variety of styles very differents. In this doble Cd Asturian Mark we can find: Oigo sonar una gaita, Xunce les vaques romanas, Viva el puerto de Pajares, De la raiz del manzano, Aires de Mieres, Para castañes tremañes, El primer besu que di...

    Price: 7.98 € (Without taxes)
  • Estampa Navarra. 2CDS 7.975€ #50080423557 Ref.: 50080423557

    Estampa Navarra. 2CDS

    Traditional spanish music is full of richness. This double cd ''Estampa Navarra'' contains 24 songs like: Estampas navarras, Me gustan los labradores, Navarra es la que prefiero.

    Price: 7.98 € (Without taxes)
  • Ikurriña.Los colores de Euskadi. 2CDS 7.975€ #50080023290 Ref.: 50080023290

    Ikurriña.Los colores de Euskadi. 2CDS

    ''Ikurriña. Los colores de Euskadi''. Double CD with 24 Basque songs. Basque musicreflects the feelings and the attachment to their culture. In this work you will find very popular songs:'' Uno de Enero'', '' Himno de la D.Y.A.'', ''Binbilin bonbolon''.

    Price: 7.98 € (Without taxes)
  • Lauburo Pueblo Vasco. 2CDS 7.975€ #50080023283 Ref.: 50080023283

    Lauburo Pueblo Vasco. 2CDS

    ''Lauburo Pueblo Vasco'' is a double CD of 24 basque songs. Basque music has a special style. This music represents the artistic creations of Basque people with a special thoughts and ideas. This work reflects their culture.

    Price: 7.98 € (Without taxes)
  • Pais Vasco. 2CDS 7.975€ #50080421133 Ref.: 50080421133

    Pais Vasco. 2CDS

    This double CD ''País Vasco'' presents 24 varied Basque songs. You will find several songs with Basque title ''Eskon Gayetan'',''Aurtxo Txikia'',''Anaitasuna'' and popular songs like ''Maitechu Ia'',''Uno de Enero''. These songs communicate deep feelings.

    Price: 7.98 € (Without taxes)
  • Euskadi Canta. 2CDS 7.975€ #50080023320 Ref.: 50080023320

    Euskadi Canta. 2CDS

    This double CD entitled "Euskadi Canta" presents the work of different performers in 24 songs. Basque music reflects nationalist feelings with the most emblematic songs of the Basque culture. You will find it within these songs: ''Baserritarra coro y txistos'', ''Goiko mediyan'', ''Gabitzan kalez kale'',''Estampa vasca''.

    Price: 7.98 € (Without taxes)
  • Folklore Gallego. Nuestras Raices. 2CDS 7.975€ #50080421164 Ref.: 50080421164

    Folklore Gallego. Nuestras Raices. 2CDS

    This double Cd ''Folklore Gallego. Nuestras Raíces'' presents 24 songs of wich the most popular are: Muñeira da miña terra, Rianxeira, Alala de padron, Aguilladas e aguariñas. The abundant folkloric music of Galicia is probably one of the most preserved. Besides the traditional Galician music has an amazing vitality.

    Price: 7.98 € (Without taxes)
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