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Paco de Lucia

    Live in America - Paco de lucia & Sexet

    Live in America - Paco de lucia & Sexet Ref.: 112UN32
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    Disco 1

    • 1. Mi niño Curro. Rondeña
    • 2. La Barrosa. Alegría
    • 3. Alcazar de Sevilla. Buleria
    • 4. Peroche. Tanguillos
    • 5. Tio Sabas . Taranta
    • 6. Soniquete. Bulería
    • 7. Zyryab
    • 8. Buana Buana King Kong. Rumba

    'Live in America' was released towards the end of 1993.
    With his sextet, Paco created the contemporary concept of the Flamenco group. Along with his brothers Ramón de Algeciras and Pepe de Lucía, Jorge Pardo, Carles Benavent, Rubem Dantas -y Manuel Soler, Juan Ramírez or El Grilo,- Paco de Lucía's sextet is the model for modern stage performances of Flamenco. Thanks to the master of Algeciras and his friend's talent, the saxophone exudes moans, the electric bass produces 'alzapúas' and the cajón, along with the claps, is the basic tool for rhythm. Paco de Lucía's solo recordings culminates its first period with the album Almoraima. It is two years dedicated to the invention of an original language.