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    Interpreta a Falla - Paco de Lucia

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    Disco 1

    • 1. Danza de los Vecinos {de
    • 2. Danza Ritual del Fuego {de
    • 3. Introduccion y Pantomima {de el Amor Brujo}
    • 4. Paño Moruno [De
    • 5. Danza del Molinero {de
    • 6. Danza (De
    • 7. Escena (De
    • 8. Cancion del Fuego Fatuo (De
    • 9. Danza del Terror {de
    • 10. Danza de la Molinera {de

    He himself, in the middle of the succes of his Andaluz-inspired work, will drastically change his aesthetics in order to come closer to the brilliant past of Castillian music. It is precisely with the Gypsy Falla that Paco de Lucía will broaden his Flamenco guitar knowledge by recording Paco de Lucía interpreta a Manuel de Falla.