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    Locura de brisa y trino. Manolo Sanlúcar

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    Locura de brisa y trino. Manolo Sanlúcar Ref.: 50112UN129
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    Disco 1

    • 1. Adán
    • 2. Normas
    • 3. El poeta pide a su amor que le escriba
    • 4. Carta a Doña Rosita
    • 5. Gacela del amor desesperado
    • 6. Campo
    • 7. Son de negros en Cuba
    • 8. Carta a Doña Rosita (versión corta)

    A musical piece based on the life and works of Federico Garcia Lorca. Using six of his poems, Manolo Sanlúcar has composed a piece while being loyal to Lorca's singular literary style, showing comprimise and at the same time paying tribute to the man and the poet.
    'locuras con brisa y trino,' an album where he worked with artists of the tire of Carmen Linares, Manolo Sanlúcar, and Tino di Geraldo.
    Manolo Sanlúcar's genious and profound musical knowledge allow him to use scales and sound that may be unknown even to flamenco. These elements along with Carmen Linares' produce the deepest of feelings.

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