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    Flamenco Big Band. Perico Sambeat

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    Disc 1

    • 1. Cauce (martinete, soleá por bulerías, bulerías)
    • 2. Nido del aire (nana)
    • 3. Olhaíl – luz del sur (tanguillos)
    • 4. Nocturno
    • 5. Tio Petila (bulerías)
    • 6. Soledad Sonora (soleá) -soleá de Morobio -contraluz -paseo de las adelfas
    • 7. Como lo oyes (bulerías)
    • 8. Guajira para Duke (guajira)

    Flamenco Big Band is the new work of Perico Sambeat, including his compositions, his arrangements and direction.

    Sambeat is one of the national jazz musicians with an amazing artistic career.

    "Flamenco Big Band" is without any doubt his most challenging and international work.

    Perico Sambeat presents his record "Perico Sambeat Flamenco Big Band", edited by Universal, Verve; between the soleá, the bulería or the tanguillo, we are delighted by this fusion and his extraordinary sensitive jazz touch.

    Perico Sambeat brushes all the "palos" (rhythms) and he fulls them with magic. "Swing and charm combined like never before", this is the slogan and that's true.

    You will also find guest stars from Valencia: the pianist Albert Sanz, the trombonist  Antonio Belenguer, the trumpet of David Pastor and Vicente Macián saxophone or international musicians as Marc Miralta, drums, Bernardo Sassetti, Portuguese pianist, or Mariano Diaz, pianist from Argentina.

    Collaboration of Miguel Poveda and Gerardo Nuñez.

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