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    Corren tiempos de alegría. Diego El Cigala

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    Disco 1

    • 1. La Esperanza de Volar (Rumba)
    • 2. Carmen la Canastera (Bulería)
    • 3. Monarcos y Republicanos (Alegría)
    • 4. Ana, Dolores y Aurora (Tangos)
    • 5. Gitanos de la Cava (Bulería)
    • 6. Hay azules que se caen de moraos (Tanguillos)
    • 7. Señor del Aire (Guajira)
    • 8. La Loba (Siguiriya)
    • 9. Corren Tiempos de Alegría (Bulería)
    • 10.Amar y Vivir (Bolero)
    • 11.La Fuente de Bebo (Bulería)
    • 12.Cadencia Inesperada (Nana)

    Diego 'El Cigala's last album was titled Corren tiempos de alegría and had the collaborations of Bebo Valdés and Jerry González, two of the artists that were part of the film Calle 54 by Frenando Trueba, and who contributed with their cuban rhythm and jazz influences, along with the guitarrist El Niño Josele. In this release he interprets with the same will that he shows in the seguiriya La Loba or even in the intricate lullaby Cadencia Alterada.  Although irony seeps trhough in Monacos y Republicanos, flaming joy comes out through Jerry González's trumpet, which has been a surprise in Flamenco and has followed Bebo Valdés in finding specific accents in the guajira flamenca.

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