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    La voz del agua - Marina Heredia

    La voz del agua - Marina Heredia Ref.: 113SA543
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    Disc 1

    • 1. Nunca fue a Granada (Balada)
    • 2. Tango de las madres locas
    • 3. De antaño (Pregones)
    • 4. Tangos de la penca
    • 5. El calor de un beso (Soleá por Buleria)
    • 6. Una rosa tardía (Buleria)
    • 7. La gran faena (Villancicos)
    • 8. Mil vidas
    • 9. Illo y Romero (Buleria)

    The flamenco singer Marina Heredia is coming back with a new disc "la voz del agua". She is coming back with a self-produced work, with the help of Jose Quevedo, the Bolita.
    This new work "la voz del agua" goes deep in flamenco styles escaping sometimes to other music styles. This is a very capricious disc and Marina Heredia is very proud about it. The tango "las madres locas" is like a tribute to herself, she wanted to sing something for her son, but not a lullaby. She also sings Alberti's, Bergamin's and Manuel Benitez' poems.
    In this disc we will find collaborators like Luis Mariano playing guitar, Joaquin Grilo dancing, Curro Albaicin and Jara Heredia for the jaleos and palmas, Fidel Cordero playing the piano, percussions by Paquito Gonzalez or Cepillo, double bass by Pablo Marin, and the ALexis Lefèvre's violin. Nevertheless we do not hear her father's voice, the flamenco singer Jaime el Parron. The flamenco styles included are the tangos, solea por bulerias, pregones de uva (they are a kind of martinete) and the gran faena, some carols.