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    José Mercé. Mi única llave

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    1. Martinete Balcánico

    • 2. Bulería Del Morao
    • 3. Si Tú No Estás (Alegrías)
    • 4. Tangos De Ida Y Vuelta
    • 5. Bulería Del Pañuelo
    • 6. Como Aquel Barquito (Soleá)
    • 7. La Llave Del Amor (Tangos)
    • 8. La Salvaora (Zambra)
    • 9. Bulería De Oriente
    • 10.Elegía a Ramón Sijé de Miguel Her
    • 11.Eso Es Mentira (Tangos)
    • 12.Mi Única Llave (Fandangos)

    Mi única llave is the title of new album of José Mercé produced by Javier Limón. The “cantaor”, euphoric with this disc, presents his work like “a contemporary flamenco disc, the disc is serious, sober, profound, with a wealth of music”

    The album is considered by the critics like an impeccable disc, the most innovative disc since 80’s. The disc can be divided into two parts: the first with three tangos and three bulerías more gypsy and rhythmical, the second part more cultural. Mi única llave has a lot of surprises that enrich it. You can find spain’s best guitars. Moreover Alejandro Sanz composed a bulería to pay tribute to Moraíto Chico (guitarist of José Mercé who died in 2011), you can also find a Manolo Caracol’s version of zambra Salvaora recorded in Boston with the jazz pianist Alain Mallet. You can listen also the French trumpet player Eric Trufas who plays with Pepe Habichuela in “The Elegy to Ramón Sijé” (it is a poem of Miguel Hernández that remember the Enrique Morente creation) and above everything, you can find José Mercé who sings showing that he is the best artist of  the “movida jonda”.

    La llave del Amor is the first single that contains energic and rhythmical tangos. Mi única llave is the disc more contemporary of José Mercé who is one of the biggest singers of Spanish music and who knows transmit that the flamenco is for all of us.        

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