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    Esperando verte. Niña Pastori

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    Esperando verte. Niña Pastori Ref.: 50113SM593
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    CD 1

    • 1. Capricho de mujer
    • 2. Pintaré de azul
    • 3. Amores y besos
    • 4. Esperando verte
    • 5. Vagabundo
    • 6. Lo fácil yo no lo quiero
    • 7. Somos marineros
    • 8. Viento en la tierra mía
    • 9. La fuerza que me guía
    • 10. Me he vuelto a levantar
    • 11. Dentro de mi corazón

    Niña Pastori is coming back with a deep flamenco spirit with her new work "Deseando verte".
    After a break of almost three years, Niña Pastori is offering us her seventh disc, "Deseando Verte", a real "flamenco" work and "full of illusions". She composed this new disc with her husband, Chaboli, who also is taking care of their little girl.
    The artist also includes some themes from Buenos Aires and Brazil with "Capricho de mujer", and another theme is a mix between rumba and tango.
    Pastori also counts with the participation of flamenco stars like Vicente Amigo, José Miguel Carmona or Diego el Morao, offering "Lo fácil yo no lo quiero".

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