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    A Mi Tempo. Marina Heredia

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    CD 1

    • 1. En los brazos de mi mare / Milonga
    • 2. Bulería pa' escuchar / Bulería por soleá
    • 3. De Chocolate / Fandangos
    • 4. Sabe a sangre / Siguirilla
    • 5. Personas reales / Caña y Polo
    • 6. De Adela / Cuplé
    • 7. Bambineando / Rumba con Mónica Naranjo
    • 8. Morentangos / Tangos
    • 9. De leyenda / Bulería

    A Mi Tempo is the new album featured by Marina Heredia,one of the main voices of the contemporary art. In this album Marina Heredia  thinks about  our currently way of living,where  the immediacy is the only what matters.The singer helps us to think about the world that surround us.

    A Mi Tempo includes adapted nine old songs to our time: milonga, bulería por soleá, fandangos, siguirilla, caña y polo, cuplé, rumba, tangos y bulería,with Enrique Morente’s reminiscences on the morentangos, Camarón by bulerías, fandangos by Chocolate, Corruco de Algeciras, Terremoto or Bambino through a rumba interpreted with Mónica Naranjo. 

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