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    Un okupa en tu corazon Raimundo Amador

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    Disco 1

    • 1. Caminito
    • 2. ¡Qué maravilla!
    • 3. Enciendo un pitillo
    • 4. Un okupa en tu corazón
    • 5. Veneno, ¡qué bueno!
    • 6. A mi primo tomate
    • 7. De qué vas
    • 8. Papeles no quiero
    • 9. Pepe el pingüino
    • 10. Es normal
    • 11. Me voy a las 3000
    • 12. La parienta

    'Un okupa en tu corazón' [A squatter in your heart] is Raimundo's fourth record as a solo artist. Raimundo emphasizes that this is his 'more guitar based' album. Flamenco, rock, blues, jazz and funk guitars, all tuned by himself, can be heard along the 12 tracks of the CD. Raimundo adds that he has put a lot of stress on 'the urban content of the lyrics', and explores more deeply 'the Latin rhythms, specially Cuban and Brazilian rhythms'. You can't miss the eponymus single of this album, which was aired in most of the Spanish radio stations, even in those not used to playing flamenco music.

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