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    Traveller. Anoushka Shankar

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    1. Inside Me

    • 2. Buleria con Ricardo
    • 3. Krishna
    • 4. Si no puedo verla
    • 5. Dancing In Madness
    • 6. Boy Meets Girl
    • 7. Kanya
    • 8. Traveller
    • 9. Ishq
    • 10. Casi uno
    • 11. Bhairavi
    • 12. Lola's Lullaby

    Anoushka Shankar doesn't need to be introduced. She is Ravi Shankar's daughter, and her range at the sitar and as composer is so big and deep that it gives dizziness.
    From the classical indian music to the experimentation with the contemporary electronic music, Shankar worked with a lot of international artists and developped her own career.

    Since always fascinated by the flamenco world, Traveller (her debuts for Deutsche Grammophon) go into this passion in depth.
    Starting from the traditional palos, the producer Javier Limón and Anoushka herself, signed the disc that will be in the flamenco history and in the idian music.
    A work at the top that count on the sing of Duquende, Buika and Sandra Carrasco, el toque of the master Pepe Habichuela, the percussion of piraña, the piano of Pedro Ricardo Minño and the dance of Farruco. Some idian musician have also participated like Tanmoy Bose at the board, Pirshanna Thevarajah at kanjira and the ghatam, Ajay Prasanna at the flute or Kenji Ota at the tanpura.
    Spirituality, simplicity and virtuosity, flamenco and indian music get with Traveller, an original mix in the contemporary music.

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