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    Samaruco. Duquende

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    Samaruco. Duquende Ref.: 50112UN107
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    Disco 1

    • 1. Plaza Real (Bulerías)
    • 2. Siquiera una palabra (Siguiriya)
    • 3. La Telita (Rumba-Tango)
    • 4. Samaruco (Alegrías)
    • 5. No viene (Taranta)
    • 6. Niquelao (Bulerías)
    • 7. Rama nueva (Soleá)
    • 8. Afina la Guitarrita (Fandangos de Huelva)
    • 9. La Telita (Rumba-tango, versión corta)

    'Samaruco' signals the comeback to the recording arena of Duquende. In this album, the singer shows more steadiness and formality than expected. This is due to the great care put in the production of this CD, recorded in three different studios with as many as four engineers. Among the musicians, a fantastic list which includes the usual 'godfathers' Benavent and Tino Di Geraldo, sought after names where a cool and sophisticated finishing is wanted. 'Samaruco' is an album with a sober good after taste.

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