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    Mundo Amador - Raimundo Amador

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    • 1. Pa' mojar - El Gran Wyoming
    • 2. Pasa la vida - Charo Manzano
    • 3. Bollaré - B.B. King
    • 4. Pata palo - Kiko Veneno
    • 5. Volando voy - Camarón
    • 6. A mi primo Tomate - Tomatito
    • 7. Marina - Antonio Carmona
    • 8. Me voy pa' las 3000 - Mala Rodríguez
    • 9. Voy por pilas - Rosendo
    • 10. La viciosa de los gatos - Nacho García Vega
    • 11. Ay qué gustito pa' mis orejas - Andrés Calamaro
    • 12. Los managers - Kiko Veneno
    • 13. So broken - Björk
    • 14. Making love on your side - Howie B. / Marina Heredia

     Raimundo Amador is one of the artists who has worked together with all kinds of artists, both at a national and international level. As a guitarist, he has tackled several genres and although his roots lie in flamenco, his love for blues has always been especially important. This record is a compilation of some of the great songs that he has recorded with flamenco artists like Tomatito, Camarón, Kiko Veneno and Antonio Carmona, or with other artists from different genres, like B.B. King, Björk, Andrés Calamaro, Rosendo, El Gran Wyoming, Mala Rodríguez, Kiko Veneno, Tomatito… …

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