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    Mi cante y un poema - Estrella Morente

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    Mi cante y un poema - Estrella Morente Ref.: 50515EMI118
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    Disco 1

    • 1. Coquinas (Alegrias)
    • 2. En lo alto del cerro (Tango)
    • 3. Moguer (Bulerias)
    • 4. La noche (Soleá)
    • 5. Bulerías de la bola
    • 6. Alcazaba
    • 7. A Pastora (Sevillanas)
    • 8. Peregrinitos (Bulería)
    • 9. A qué niegas el delirio (Malagueña)
    • 10. Tangos de Pepico
    • 11. Soleá Grana
    • 12. Galería
    • 13. Que llegue el Domingo (Buleria)
    • 14. Las llamas llegan al cielo

    Flamenco singer Estrella Morente (Granada, 1980) is -quite literally in her native tongue- a star. And a star with impeccable flamenco connections too; her father and musical mentor is legendary singer Enrique Morente, her accompanists include veteran guitarist Manolo Sanlucar as well as new flamenco stars Ketama, and to cap it all she's married to a 'matador'. Her long-awaited debut album was recorded both live in concert and in studios in Cadiz, Madrid and Granada, and produced by her father Enrique.
    Estrella is accompanied by some of Spain’s finest talents, including the Carmonas and Habichuelas — cousins and uncles who form a veritable roll-call of late 20th century flamenco’s greatest innovators (notably Juan and Pepe Habichuela, and the Carmonas as Ketama, the cutting-edge flamenco-blues-rock group). They are the extended family she grew up with, in Granada’s medieval quarter by the spectacular Moorish Alhambra Palace. Nearby is the Sacromonte hill where several songs were recorded in the natural atmosphere of the caves — traditional hillside homes of the Gypsy population from whose clans Estrella, like centuries of Spain’s best flamenco artists, has emerged.

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