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    María - Niña Pastori

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    María - Niña Pastori Ref.: 50511BMG05
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    • 1 - Amor de San Juan
    • 2 - Aire de Molino
    • 3 - Dulce Canela
    • 4 - El Color del Agua
    • 5 - Dime Quién Soy Yo
    • 6 - De Boca en Boca
    • 7 - De Mil Colores
    • 8 - Quién Te Va a Querer
    • 9 - Tú Dime
    • 10 - Gira y Que Gira
    • 11 - Válgame Dios

    'María', Niña Pastori's real name, is the fourth album of her career. Niña Pastori knows well how to flirt, adding great passion and charimsa to every one of her words. When se was a kid, Niña Pastori fascinated the great Camarón de la Isla with her art. The audience fell for her afterwards with the song 'Tú me camelas', full of popular rhythms that created a delicious melting pot between flamenco roots and pop music.
    Consequently, 'María' sports fine flamenco, guitars, clapping and frenetic chorus. Songs like 'Aire de Molino', 'De mil colores' o 'Dulce canela', simply go straight to the heart. Niña Pastori's secret is becoming clearer and clearer: the mixture of a natural and fresh voice with the arcane wisdom of legendary Cantaoras.

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