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    Little things. Josemi Carmona

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    1. Tangroove

    • 2. Cuenta conmigo
    • 3. Las pequeñas cosas
    • 4. Dos puñales (buleria)
    • 5. Mi gorda
    • 6. Ni contigo ni sin ti
    • 7. Tosca
    • 8. Pasando por Huelva
    • 9. De viaje
    • 10. Tres almas
    • 11. Un par de dias antes de ti
    • 12. Gran torino

    Josemi Carmona, Ketama member and son of the guitarist Pepe Habichuela, made a new disc "The Little things", that marks his beginnings as soloist, and in which he mixes traditional and new flamenco sounds, and in which he counted on big artists. In this record work, we note the ones of Paco de Lucia, Manuel Carrasco, el Bandolero and Piraña, for instance.
    Moreover, the musician counted on artists of various styles like Dave Holland, with his double bass, the singers Jorge Drexler and Alex Cuba or electronic or hip hop members as Bugge Wesseltoft and Oxmo Puccino.

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