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    Eres luz - Niña Pastori

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    • 1.Eres luz (rumba)
    • 2.Cartita de amor (tanguillo)
    • 3.Vivo un sueño (soleá por bulerías)
    • 4.Como tú, ninguna (rumba)
    • 5.Qué pena (bulerías)
    • 6.Dos que se quieren (canción por sevillanas)
    • 7.En una canasta (rumba-tango)
    • 8.De caramelo (fandangos)
    • 9.Morao (tanguillo)
    • 10.Gitano canastero (bulería)
    • 11.Nunca acabaré de conocerte (canción-bolero)
    • 12.Genios (rumba-canción)

    'Eres Luz' was produced by Paco Ortega -he's the one who discovered Niña-, and it's full of happiness and cantes. Niña Pastori, with her voice, takes us deep inside the New Flamenco culture where all the cantes have a fres sound. This album features collaborations from Alejandro Sanz, Parrita, Paco Ortega and even from Paco, María's (Niña Pastori) brother, who wrote the rumba 'Como tú, ninguna' ('Nobody like you'). In her own words, Niña says 'I feel very proud when other people write songs for me. For the time being I have have not sat down to write, but it'll come in the future'.

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