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  • Esta muy bien eso del cariño. Kiko Veneno. CD 13.650€ #50511BMG303 Ref.: 50511BMG303

    Esta muy bien eso del cariño. Kiko Veneno. CD

    Ever since he started the band 'Veneno', Kiko Veneno has been considered the pioneer of pop-flamenco fusion.

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  • Songhai 1- Ketama 15.200€ #50509NM498 Ref.: 50509NM498

    Songhai 1- Ketama

    The strings of the African kora join those of the Spanish guitar, the palm-clapping, the cajón (box-drum)… in this record born from the meeting between Ketama, the legendary musician from Mali Tournani Diabate and the cantaor José Soto. They are joined by the English double-bass player Danny Thompson, and this is how this work arises, the fruit of the incredible ease with which flamenco can...

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  • La Barbería del Sur - Nuevos Medios Coleccion 15.550€ #50509NM246 Ref.: 50509NM246

    La Barbería del Sur - Nuevos Medios Coleccion

    La Barbería del Sur lead the second wave of New flamenco bands and picked up right where Pata Negra and Ketama left off, bleding flamenco with other latin styles and jazz. In many aspects there haven't been any other recordings better than the ones La Barbería made with Nuevos Medios. The member's deep flamenco roots and and their spontaneous sprinkles of jazz, latin and african rhythms yielded...

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  • A tiempo 17.300€ #50509NM436 Ref.: 50509NM436

    A tiempo

    The third album of Diego 'A tiempo', reflects the genetic wealth of innovation and creativeness that Diego Carrasco possesses as a guitarist, composer, cantaor (flamenco singer) and producer. In this work, he brings together great figures of flamenco and jazz to produce a rhytmic and surrealist flamenco, which is full of spontaneity and freshness. There is such a variety of themes, musicians,...

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  • Romance de la luna tucumana. Diego el Cigala 13.500€ #50112UN686 Ref.: 50112UN686

    Romance de la luna tucumana. Diego el Cigala

    In his new album Romance de la luna Tucumana,Diego El Cigala continues to explore the Argentinian repertory but from a different musical universe: with the accompaniment of Diego García's (“El Twanguero”) 40's electric guitar. Diego el Cigala, Diego García (Andrés Calamaro's guitarist), and Changuito (percussionist) are the three pillar of this album. Classic...

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  • Ref.: 50112UN662

    "Y Soñé". Plaza Sur

    Fran, Salva and Adri are three voices that make up this trio of Malaga, Plaza Sur. Trio that has debuted in the music scene when they were discovered by the producer and songwriter Timmy Ropero (María Jiménez, Malu) in a TV program when called 2Sureños". "Y Soñé" is an album full of pop tunes, cooler flamenco and a chill out version of the...

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  • Travel to flamenco roots 8.500€ #50046BJ042 Ref.: 50046BJ042

    Travel to flamenco roots

    Music and tribal songs disc of the old land of Mesopotamia, which is the proof that the flamenco roots come from there, blues or tziganne. A work of Jookoo with the special participation of Moraito Chico.

    Price: 8.50 € (Without taxes)
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